Inexpensive Date Ideas!

March 30, 2014

Have you ever been so bored with yourself and your date life that the idea of "staying in" sounds like such a relief? WARNING: Dates do not have to be frivolous, expensive, or boring.
I repeat, dates do not have to be super out of your comfort zone.

Lately, it seems that dates are getting out of hand with these exotic weekend getaways and expensive gifts, but really it shouldn't be about such materialistic things. Young or old, relationships should be more than just $$$. To get you started with some cute date ideas I've made a list of inexpensive, fun date ideas to share with all of you!

1. Make homemade pizza together!

This one is cute and it makes everyone happy! You don't even have to be a great cook. I recommend buying pizza shells or pre-made dough if you're not particularly great at cooking like myself.

2. Play card or board games!

Everyone has board games lying around if not they own a deck of cards or even a set of dice. Some great two player card games include Gin otherwise known as Rummy, Spit otherwise known as Speed, and Crazy Eights. A few of my personal favorite two player "board games" include Jenga, Connect Four, Checkers, Yahtzee, and Boggle to name just a few.

3. Go to a thrift store/antique store or farmer's market!

You can have a blast just looking at the quirky things people sell. In a city nearby we have a huge Regional Market that I absolutely love going to. (I have some old pictures of it on my Instagram!) The best part is this date is all about finding things to laugh about together or be intrigued by. This kind of date can show you a new side to someone when they see a vintage toy of their youth or their favorite band's record back from college.

4. Volunteer together!

Someone is always in need and why not help out with someone you like? There are several places to volunteer and some are specific to each community, but some national organizations include the ASPCA (wouldn't it be fun to be dog walkers together and maybe adopt your own?!), the Salvation Army which has several branches including soup kitchens and some stores need help too, and also the Rescue Mission or Goodwill!

5. Have a photoshoot!

Maybe your significant other or you like having your photo taken, but if one of you do this could be really sweet. Plus you'll have some Instagram worthy shots! Try going to a park and getting out of the house, go somewhere you think will make the model look their brightest. Get some goofy props to make it a little more fun!

 6. Go to a park!

If your not an outdoorsy person I suppose this one isn't for you, but parks can be a great little date idea! In my town we have a nice little park right on the lake and the sunsets are to die for! If your not one to watch sunsets, but sunrises...take an early morning bike ride through your town to a nice park where you and your other could relax and talk about the upcoming day. As Spring approaches the morning air is so fresh, I absolutely love it!

7. Movie marathon!

For those really rainy Spring days this date is a must! If you're not an outdoorsy person this is great for any day. Depending on your tastes the movies could be comedies or horror. If you have Netflix it's really easy to find a great movie you have never heard of before! Personally I love getting invested into Rom-Coms (romantic comedies), but if it were my boyfriends decision it'd be war/action movies. Now don't forget about the necessary snacks! Some great ones to share are popcorn, candy, or pizza if the marathon lasts through lunch!

8. Go to an Open Mic Night

If you're into singing this one could be tons of fun! Maybe you're not too great of a singer...but love music! Get some drinks and make this one a double date at a local restaurant that hosts open mic nights! You could make new friends or maybe get a record deal!

9. Visit a pet store!

My town has a local pet store that lets you pet the puppies and some of the other animals! Not only are all the pets adorable, but they are so fun to watch run around. Snap some pics while you're there and fake out everyone on Instagram with your "new addition"! They'll freak out when they think you got an iguana or the pet of your choice!

10. Go to a book store!

Book stores now a days usually have seating, wifi, and coffee if not a cafe. This can be a relaxing day when roaming the hundreds of books where the covers have yet to be opened. If you and your significant other isn't into books, grab some coffee and just chat about everything. It's great to just relax and get some things off your mind and onto the table about life. Another fun thing to do is have a doodle contest. If you have a Starbucks at your book store grab something that comes in a white cup and when you're both done drinking see who can make the best cup design (make sure you bring sharpies to do this idea)!

I hope you enjoy these cute date ideas and try them out! If you do make sure to comment below and for those of you who have stuck around to read this, there will be a giveaway coming up soon and it will involve comments on posts like this one!'s a secret! Come back again soon! 

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