8 Life Saving Little Tips & Tricks that Every Girl Should Know!

April 01, 2014

Original post inspiration can be found here! I modified quite a few of these with personal recommendations as well and cut a bunch out so I could add stories, you're welcome in advance.

Let's get to it!

1. Download a banking app! 
The one that I have was originally free and called Lemon, but is now called LifeLock and I believe is still free! You can hook this app directly to your bank account to all your cards to monitor your money on the go. It will also keep track of your loyalty and rewards cards!

2. Always have at least 3 chapsticks stocked up.
I personally love the Chapstick brand chapstick, ad well as the new Baby Lips line by Maybelline. One extra tip I have for you all is to switch up your chapsticks. By switching maybe weekly you'll be able to reap the benefits of both brands and also pick up the slack where one of them may lack. Another tip is to avoid medicated lip balms/chapsticks when you don't really need it. The medication can actually block out natural moisture and not help your lips as much as you'd like.

3. Check out local thrift stores!
My local thrift store (a rescue mission thrifty shopper branch) is honestly hit or miss. But on a really good day you can find a pair of Levi jeans in the perfect fit for $10! There are several misconceptions about thrift stores, but it never hurts to go into a store once, if you don't like it, don't go back. Also, don't let others opinions of used clothing sway you one way or another, form your own! 

4. Paint your toes!
It's one of the simplest things that'll make your cute new strappy wedges go from "ooh" to "woah" in a good way of course. Especially during the summertime, you don't have to splurge on a pedicure from people who don't even speak English fluently...do it yourself! Check a local dollar store for cheap bubble baths or scrubs with some nice scents. 

5. Never try dieting pills, it's a fad and will almost definitely blow over.
Don't buy into all those posts you see of transformations in two weeks. They either get two separate models or it's over the course of a year in reality. Besides, you're beautiful no matter size or shape as long as you're nice and happy!

6. Use exercise as a stress reliever
I don't know about you, but after a stressful day at school (or at work) I like to use a little hour of free time I have to exercise. My personal taste is running/walking a mile depending on what I have planned for the rest of the day. I recommend early morning workouts or mid afternoon and although it tends to be more convenient to exercise at night it can also lead to troubled sleep in some studies.

7. Always try on clothes before you buy them
This story is a rule I live by now. There are two back stories. One starts at Old Navy where I found my perfect pair of skinny jeans, but alas they got a tear in them. So, I went back to purchase a new pair (mind you this is about a year later), and when trying them on I was now in between sizes! For now no more Old Navy jeans for Katelyn. The other story also revolves around Old Navy jeans, but happened a month ago. I was at a local thrift store and found a pair of Old Navy flare jeans that were a really cool wash. They were my size and were only $4 dollars! How could I possibly go wrong? Then it happened, I got home tried them on...they were super flares...I'm talking practically bell bottoms. Lesson learned folks.

8. Get your beauty sleep   
It sounds slightly cliche, but several studies show that not only does a goodnight's sleep help improve skin, it reduces stress, relaxes muscles for a longer period of time therefore making you feel automatically better, and will get rid of the bags under your eyes! But hey, if you're in a time crunch and pull an all nighter try cucumbers! They can help reduce puffiness and redness as well.

That's it for today and I hope you can enjoy and try out these life saving little tidbits!

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