How To Manage Stress! Bonus: AP Exam Studying/Exam Tips!

May 07, 2014

As a fore warning I am not a stress expert nor do a claim to be one, but this is what I do to manage all my stress. Results may not work for everyone, but here's just a few tips!

To start off May is probably the busiest month for me including three AP Tests, Prom, Mother's Day, Work, Student Council BBQ, Interact Club Events, Relay for Life fundraising, a senior thesis paper, a blog, a new workout routine, a college class and more! 

Tip #1: I highly, highly, highly recommend you invest in a planner, our school provides us with one otherwise I'd show it! Make sure it has a full month view and a daily view to make planning a breeze. For some people (not me) it also works to color coat your planner to school, work, and other to stay even more organized.

Tip #2: Have a calendar app that works for you, if the pre-downloaded one is not a good fit, there are several other free ones in the App store. I use one called Day2Life and you could read more into this on my What's on my iPhone post! I make sure that at the beginning of the month everything on my hand written calendar is in my phone, since I carry my phone many more places than my planner.

Tip #3: If you're having a stressful meltdown take a shower or bath. I know it sounds a little weird, but even just soaking in warm water for five to ten minutes can be really relaxing! Try setting some really peaceful tunes in the background or just listen to (hopefully) silence. Also try putting some fragrant oils in the water to reset your mind and it's craziness some great ones to try are mint and rose! The tub is also the perfect place for you to try breathing exercises. Remember in through your nose out through your mouth (I think)!

Tip #4: Try drinking a glass of water. I tend to get headaches and feel really fatigued when working on a lot of things at once (such as this blogpost). An ice cold glass of water can really perk up the eyelids and mind. 

Tip #5: Make a priority list. This could be a tad time consuming, but really worth it in the end. I recommend making it in pencil and just rank the most important things of the day to get done and then make a column called "if time" which simple means if there's time it should be done, but there is no need to rush. 

Tip #6: Do a quick workout session! I'm not talking run a eight minute mile or anything, but try doing a few squats when feeling unmotivated and doing breathing exercises to put a little pep back in your step. Some other mini workout ideas include; wall sits, yoga poses, stretching, and crunches.

Tip #7: Try making a glitter bottle! Okay, so I'm not exactly sure what these "calming bottles" Here's how to make one and then hopefully you'll get how they work :)
Take a water bottle and fill it 5/8 full of water, then take some extra fine glitter, chunky glitter, just various glitters, and some glitter glue! (An extra step is adding food coloring to make it even prettier!) Now put the cap on and shake it up so the glitter glue dissolves. Fill the rest of the bottle up with water and tada a glitter bottle!!
Here's how the calming stress works with this, you shake the bottle and watch all the glitter fall to the bottom and by the time it does you'll feel reset and refreshed ahh so relaxing...for a little added effect make yours green themed.

Bonus AP Studying/Testing Tips!

1. Look up the stats! Don't study what's not on the test, silly. You should be able to also find how much of each section will impact your overall score. Sometimes you can even find the percent of how much each unit is on the test (really helpful!).

2. Guessing does not penalize you, multiple choice questions are not something worth getting hung up on for five minutes, eliminate the out-liers and pick something!

3) Check out this is a great website that really breaks down units that are hard to understand and keeps it short and gives practice problems!

4) Distributive practice is always best. I learned this in AP Psychology this year, but it is also kinda like common sense. Practicing twenty minutes for five days a week is better than studying 100 minutes in one night, so with that in mind...START STUDYING EARLY

5) It isn't the end of the world if you don't receive the score you need, repeating the class will be even easier! Don't be too hard on yourself, but try your best.

Hope this list will help someone out there somewhere! 

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