33 days: What To Do The Month Before You Move To College

July 15, 2014

I leave for college in 33 days. To many this may seem like a good chunk of time, but to put it in to perspective there's still so much to do. 
If any of you are going to be a college freshman like me here's some tips of what to do before your 30 days are up!

1. See your good friends at least one last time. I'm not talking about all 500 of your friends on Facebook, but the one you'll miss the most. 

2. Get your friends college addresses if they've already moved. To send a cute card or present on their birthday will help the connection stay strong when everyone comes home for Christmas or summer and you're reunited. If you're the first friend moving to college (like me) make a Facebook event and collect your friends addresses when they get them. 

3. Talk to your roommate...if you know who it is. Nowadays people get to either pick their roommates or at least be able to find them on social media. You can figure out who's bringing what and if you'll need ear plugs or an eye mask. 

4. Change. 
This is a really broad spectrum here, but it's important to explain. No you aren't going to change out your whole wardrobe or music collection or anything like that. The only thing you need to change is that now you're living life for you. I don't know if anyone viewing this has ever lived their life based on other's needs (like I have), but college is about being a happier you. If you want to party go party, but if you don't like that stuff then don't let other people make you do it. College brings about a change in people whether it be good or bad. Just stay true to you and live a happy, healthy, focused life. 

5. Make a packing list. Packing your little life up into little boxes can be really overwhelming. So to avoid this make a list and start packing early. If you're college is far away, you'll probably bring all your winter clothes (if applicable) and that can be packed right away. Another tip is to label what's in each box. If you need your cleaning supplies and you have to ravage through several boxes you won't have enough energy to clean everything anyway. Make it as easy as possible for you and your family to avoid a hopefully happy day from being stressful. 

I hope these tips help you as your new college experience is rapidly approaching! 

For another announcement, I plan on starting daily blogging section on here too. This is just to document my college experiences and to give advice to others. 

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