How to: Get an Internship!

July 21, 2014

I've had my internship for about a month and a half now and I really have to admit that I love it. Now clearly as a disclaimer, not all internships are the same, not even close. It all depends on who you're working for, what you're doing, if you're getting paid and what you plan to be when you get out of college.

As I am indeed a planner, I got a head start on interning/real world experience, before I have even got to college. Now this is also definitely not suitable for everyone. My field is pretty loosey goosey with the matter of knowledge needed to actually intern and work at it. However, depending on your stats and personality you could nail getting an internship next summer!

Okay, now let's get down to business.
Where to start?

Finding an internship can be really difficult, but to start off look local. Depending on what field you'd like to get experience in there could be some local business looking for free help like you.

I was looking around on the internet and stumbled across something that caught my eye and sent over a nice email asking if they had any internships available, next thing I knew I had an interview an hour later and got the job! 
Asking is always key. 
It shows that you are motivated enough to look and want to help.
If you don't ask you'll never know, funny how that saying rings true.

The next step you'll take if you didn't have great luck locally is to use an online website that does the search for you. Here's a few that have pretty good reviews:

Check those out if you're in need of assistance!

Now once you've got an interview there's a few things that you need to do.

1. Prepare your resume, spruce it up a bit and put things relevant to what you'd like to be doing in focus.

2. Do research about the company and have at least one question prepared for them. Think of this as a job interview, they want the best of the best and inquisitiveness is another trait to add to your (hopefully) long list.

3. Have the right attire. I cannot stress to you enough that you cannot show up in the clothes you wear to the gym. This is most likely a very professional place, if not, you should rather be over dressed than under dressed. 

4. Be prepared to start right away, sometimes they do that.

5. Be sure to know your strengths and weaknesses, treat this like a job interview, it basically is one.

6. Perhaps set up a LinkedIn account, this will help you keep track of all your soon to be new acquaintances and co-workers.

Tada! Then hopefully you'll get the internship! I plan on doing more internship posts soon! I hope this helped someone out there! If anyone is wondering I am interning at I Heart Oswego (, if you have any other internship questions I'll be happy to answer them! Talk soon! xoxox

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