College: Backpack Essentials!

10:48:00 AM

Whether you are a messenger bag, backpack, or briefcase sort of person here are some "backpack" essentials for your on-the-go lifestyle!

First off let's start with my personal backpack! I have the Vera Bradley Laptop Backpack in Dogwood

This pattern is just so pretty!

Essential #1: Lip balm

A personal favorite of mine is the EOS Lipbalm in Sweet Mint

Essential #2: Wallet

If you're school is similar to mine, you'll need your id for everything! So if I'm just walking about campus or if we're all heading out for a quick bite to eat, I like to have my Coach Avery Leather Phone Cross Body to hold all my stuff but being so compact.

Essential #3: Notebook

I personally love having all of my similar classes' notes in one single spot, so I prefer 3 or 5 subject notebooks, but it truly depends on your preference.

Essential #4: Gum

I can't tell you how many times this simple thing has saved me. Orbit Sweet Mint Gum is my absolute favorite and it keeps me awake for those Tuesday/Thursday classes.

Essential #5: Planner/Agenda

My planner is from Target but there are so many different ones out there and just find the one that has the best fit for you and your schedule.

I hope all of these essentials are things that you won't be forgetting in your bag!

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