A List of Lists

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Ever since I was a kid I have always been a list maker. I would help my mom by making the grocery list and help my babysitter with her lists too.
I couldn't really tell you an exact reason as to why I love making lists, but here's my best attempt to try to.

1.) Lists are simple, clean, and neat. (Except when I make them). To some people lists sound just generic and boring, but with color coding and doodles I make them the way I want to.

2.) Lists streamline my day. As many of you already know, I'm an avid user of calendars, planners, etc and you can find a sticky note list almost on every page of either of those items. Although it takes time away to make a list, in the long run I find myself feeling more unmotivated without one and therefore losing even more time.

3.) There's such a wide variety. There are the normal To-Do lists the Pros and Cons list, but in college you'll find yourself making the weirdest lists. My favorite so far is "sh*t I need from home". Then you also have your grocery list, your wish list and so forth, but don't think that I'm just a pen & paper sort of gal because I'm not.

4.) Lists are a natural habit. Guess what! Pinterest is a giant list, a giant to-do list if you're a DIYer, a giant wishlist if you're...I don't know actually, but there's a multitude of these. I have so many Pinterest boards full of lists upon lists and I love each one of them dearly.

5.) In other words, I absolutely love lists. List making is almost a sort of lifestyle, if you're not particularly used to it, it's fairly easy to switch over depending on where you're coming from. But anyway that's why I love lists. So now go make one yourself!

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