Broadening Your Horizons in College!

September 02, 2014

I may be starting this whole post off wrong, by saying I'm not an expert and not everything I say will work for everybody, but there's got to be some truth behind it if it worked for me, right?
Anyway, today I am going to talk about how I have broadened my horizons in just a little over two weeks since I have been at college. As a freshman is can be really overwhelming to just think of it as "jumping right in", but that's often what you have to do.

My first recommendation is to join clubs or societies or organizations. I've joined quite a few clubs at RIT some of them including Juggling Club (PS I'm pretty dang good), Colleges Against Cancer, and Women in Business. There's literally clubs out there for everyone and if not then make one! Nothing is stopping you. For your enjoyment here is a picture of my roommate and I at Juggling Club.

It may be scary going into college without any friends, but I have the secret in order to make some....say hi. Yup, that's it. Just say "Hi, my name is ___" and look there you've made a friend. Ask if they want to join you and your roommate for dinner or whatever you people might do for fun.

Just remember there's nothing wrong with being yourself and there's definitely people out there who will like you for you, so start looking for the friendships of a lifetime now. Be sure not to force them either, it should happen naturally. On that note, I have homework I should probably get started on.

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