College: How to Stay Awake During Class

September 11, 2014

I know this topic seems a little self explanatory, but here's some tips and tricks on how you can be a little more attentive.

Whether it is and 8am or a 9pm or even at 2pm some classes are just not easy to stay awake in. My best example is Statistics at 6:30 I'm either always hungry or tired and miserable. Another great example is Accounting at 8am, that's always a hard one.

My first tip is to always have water, preferably cold. Taking a sip every once and a while is not only very healthy, but refreshes you and hopefully the refreshing cold water will waken you up a little bit more. If you're not a water person, I'll probably assume you're a coffee person, I am not, you just go ahead and do your coffee thing.

Second tip: gum. The most important thing to remember is to switch up the flavors, otherwise you'll get really bored if you don't. Then if you're like me and don't want to waste your money on gum try hard candies like Lifesavers.

Third tip: This kind of goes with the last one of keeping your mouth occupied, but snacks. I love the little snack packs whether I'm eating cookies, cheez-its, or grapes. Anything will really do, just make it portable and not messy.

Fourth tip: If you're not allowed to have food or drink in some of your difficult classes try this next one: Take notes with colored pens or pencils and highlighters. The bright colors will keep you interested and switching from color to color will give you something to do, but make sure there's no doodling involved!

I hope some of these tips will help out with the common problem of having trouble staying awake during class!

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