College: How to Stay Organized!

September 01, 2014

If you're anything like me you'll want to take every opportunity you get in college to succeed and get further ahead in life. As you're walking around the club fair and realizing that you want to do as much as possible, you may feel overwhelmed. So, here's some of my own personal tips to staying organized and maximizing scheduling.

Tip number one, invest in some sort of daily calendar/reminder app, planner, or a desk calendar to stay on top of things and focused. This comes in handy especially if you're a color coder like me. Between exams, juggling club, and campus events you know that there's a color of the rainbow for everything. My favorite pens to use for that right now are by InkJoy by Papermate

They're cute and colorful and make me happy!

Tip number two is all about knowing priorities. Obviously juggling club is not as important as the midterm I have the next day. If you have trouble with saying no to fun things when you clearly have other responsibilities (like I do), then keep a little list in your phone or somewhere with your priorities.

Tip number three: If you couldn't already tell I love making lists. Yes, you could call me a post-it-note-aholic, but don't worry I won't get offended. I find post-its to come in handy anywhere and everywhere. I carry them in my backpack and have them in spots around my room too. This another great chance you could take for making a coordinating color coding system. 

Plus, with all the different colors and shapes and varieties even, the possibilities are endless.

Tip number 4: Make things easier on yourself by laying things out ahead of time. Say you have a few spare minutes before you head to class, set up a study station on your desk for when you get back. It's time saving tips like these that will help you excel and get ahead in class or in life.

I hope you guys enjoyed these few tidbits! Feel free to share your ideas in the comments too

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