Etsy Store Review: Chasing at Starlight

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If you remember the post about care packages and the "secret Santa" college edition my friends and I came up with, then you'll remember that little birthday present I gave in the care package. If not, need to fret, I'll recap!

I spent (what felt like) forever trying to find my best friend the perfect 18th birthday present. She's generally one of those people who is easy to shop for, but I wanted to do something very special for her birthday and what's more special than handcrafted?!

So I went on an Etsy window shopping spree for several days searching high and low for that one perfect gift. Then I stumbled across a little Etsy shop called Chasing at Starlight!

This California based company specializes in hand stamped jewelry and accessories typically with an emphasis on fandom items.

The particular item I purchase was one of their custom hand stamped key chains. I requested "What ever way our stories end" to be put on it and here's the final product!

It was just what I wanted and was much cuter than I expected. If you're looking for a gift for someone special definitely stop by either their Etsy shop or their website,! They have wonderful customer service and always responded withing a day to any questions I had.

They also have a bunch of other cute stuff besides key chains.They have coordinating bracelets, charm necklaces, and rings! Be sure to check this amazing company out!

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