Little Life Lessons

September 04, 2014

As I am now an avid lover of bloglovin' (hint hint follow me there with the thingy on the sidebar) I keep getting inspired for great post ideas. Today's post is about those little pieces of advice that you receive throughout your life that tend to get tossed aside in your mind. I was inspired to make this post because of a post on Design Love Fest! So here we go!

Try new thing - not just food, but places, people. and atmospheres. 

Never forget to say thank you.

Be generous.

Laughter sometimes is the best medicine.

"It's less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones" - Lauren Conrad

Remember your parents' birthdays and don't forget your friends' either.

Trust your gut.

Do what you love and love what you do.

Have an open mind.

Handwritten notes never go out of style.

Take care of yourself first.

There's nothing greater in life than a best-friend.

Be curious.

Don't make decisions immediately, you can always sleep on it.

Fall in love as often as you can. Books, movies, people, places. It's an unforgettable feeling.

Smile at strangers.

Forgive yourself the most.

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