The College Experience: Mud Tug

September 20, 2014

I don't think a lot of people are aware of what Mud Tug is so here's a quick explanation. Several groups of co-ed RIT students compete against each other for bragging rights while all the funds go to a local charity. Now you may ask what do the Mud and the Tug have to do with anything and that is when I pop in and say epic tug of war battles for all the bragging rights. I know sounds pretty fun, especially the mud pits that were formed.

My team this year consisted of ten members (including me). Some were familiar faces and some new, but I still had a blast.

Sadly we did not come out victorious, but we all had a great time. After our loss and a little bit of rope burn we decided to head to the "play pit" this was a deeper pool of mud that we could splash and scream in. Needless to say I got splashed, pulled, and "mudded".

The really hard part about Mud Tug is the after math: wet sneakers, muddy clothes, muddy hair, and mid-afternoon nap phase was creeping in. I manned up and completed my laundry and showered then proceeded to nap and now I'm here typing this. I hope you enjoyed reading about my college experience the first of many additions to this series!

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