What turning 18 means to me

September 24, 2014

So, for starters I turned 18 over the summer so this is more of a reflection post that an actual feeling.

When I originally read this quote I thought to myself, this doesn't make any sense. But now looking at it I think that it's perfectly clear, this is the ideal life. Being able to do what I want, when I want, for any reason I want or none at all.

Thinking of the age 18 I think of all the responsibilities that come with it. These responsibilities can range from being able to now vote, to being able to hold my own job. I have always liked the sound of having responsibilities while growing up. I loved being busy and having stuff to do. I liked people appreciating my work and effort. I just absolutely loved pouring my heart and soul into something and someone else appreciating it too.

Now being 18 and an "official adult" voting is one aspect that usually comes to mind. No, I have not registered to vote yet, but I plan on doing so. Voting is a privilege and as my mother says, "if you don't  vote you can't complain." 

However being 18 has a few perks I was looking forward to. I can now buy lottery tickets, go to R rated movies, and buy things off of infomercials. I wasn't exactly looking forward to all these things because I don't really do them now but perks are perks. 

18 also means college which has already been a wild ride but all of the doors of opportunity I have already experienced in the little time I have been here is truly astounding. This has so far been the time of my life and I am so grateful for everything I have experienced so far. 

18 means two more years until 20. 18 means out of adolescence. 18 means I'm in the real world. 18 means a world of responsibility. 18 means joy. 18 means happiness. 18 means right now.

Looking again at the quote. The part to especially emphasize is fun, happy, and life. (Here's an 18 year old's thoughts of how to live a life) Life is about being happy, dancing in the rain, or whatever the heck little quote floats your boat. It's not about making money or finding a significant other, it's about what makes you truly happy (and yes I suppose the search for either of those things could bring you happiness, but in reality those things come from doing what makes you happy).

There's what I think about being 18 and whatever the heck my mind wanted to spit out about that. Now tell me what you think when you think "18"!

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