Falling for Fall

11:50:00 AM

As the season appropriately called Fall approaches, I find myself getting all wrapped up in everything and anything Fall related. So, to celebrate here's what I've been obsessed with for the upcoming season and a few old favorites.

The first thing that I always find myself falling in love with (over and over) is my scarf collection. Even while at school I find myself always adding a scarf to outfits. Plus, it's a nice little cozy addition for the brisk morning walks to 8 AMs. My personal favorite this year is a tie between a set I purchased at Walmart the other day.

The mustard yellow is a key fall color and I finally added it to my wardrobe (now to work on a cardigan in that color). Then the floral has almost every color that I could find in my fall wardrobe so it's very versatile for a multitude of outfits!

The second thing I find very, very addictive are the scents at Bath and Body Works. Right now we have a pumpkin cupcake hand soap in the suite bathroom. I find myself wanting to wash my hands right before I go to bed just so I can smell the scent of pumpkins all night long!

My all time favorite Halloween candy has hit the store shelves and I can't get enough. I love the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pumpkins. Since I can get peanut butter cups year round my favorite specialty Halloween candy are the Mallow-creme Pumpkins made by Brach.

Last, but certainly not least the colors. Fall is a season known for its color especially in New York so while visiting home this weekend I took some pictures. I hope you all enjoyed  your Columbus Day weekend and thanks for stopping by!

All photos taken by me!

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