Sending Love: How to send the perfect care package

October 01, 2014

If you read my previous post about sending care packages then this will fit right in! There are several ways to create the perfect care package and here's a few tips and tricks to aid you in creating the perfect care package full of goodies, love, and hopefully happiness!

The first tip I have to share is to decorate the inside or outside of the box. If you plan on using flat rate packages this might not be possible, but you can always decorate the inside! Here's some pinspiration for ideas on how to decorate the inside:

College care package for Jacob. A little box if sunshine for my darling Son. All yellow package

This sunshine themed package is so cute and works for both genders!

movie night care package... he can use it when we have a Skype movie night! :D

A movie themed box is always a great idea! 

Halloween care package idea - Time to get them in the mail! Lots more Care Package Ideas at

A nice holiday inspired box never hurts, plus this one is so cool!

For more ideas and the links be sure to check out my Pinterest board: College Care Package Ideas!

2. Now that the inside is decorate or themed or whatever you plan on doing, you have to decide on what to put in it so here's a compiled list of what college kids really want in their care packages (or at least what I want)

  • Gum - You can never go wrong with gum or mints! (I also love candy just in general)
  • Photos - Sending a little TBT (Throwback Thursday) is a really sentimental idea and will take a little of the homesickness away
  • A letter or card - Taking the time for a little hand written "I love you" could result in a letter back
  • Baked Goods - Whether it be cookies, cupcakes, brownies, granola bars whatever you make and the recipient loves
  • A book - It doesn't necessarily have to be a book, but whatever their leisure is say a Frisbee if they love the outdoors, or a canvas if they love painting.
  • A little something from home - This could be a multitude of things, but some examples could be a favorite little blanket, a favorite book, a favorite spoon, whatever you can think of that you know they might miss.
3. Take the time to wrap each thing or at least cover it as a whole. A good way to be eco-friendly here is to wrap everything in newspaper or comics. You could also use tissue paper or wrapping paper too. The thought of opening all these small gifts adds to the overall excitement of receiving a package! This is also a great way to carry out your theme as soon in some of the above photos!

Care packages don't really have limits so it's all up to your imagination (or Pinterest) to be inspired and to create a beautiful gift.

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  1. The yellow box is one that I made and put on Pinterest.


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