DIY Doily Garland!

November 04, 2014

Hello lovelies! I hope you're having a lovely week! Today I have one of the cutest and easiest DIYs yet, you're sure to love it.

The DIY today is easily customized to your own unique taste or depending on what event you're hosting. These DIY Doily Garlands you'll want to make for every occasion!

I tried to show two different approaches on a single piece. As you can see the right side is very orderly and pattern-esque while the left side looks more quirky and spunky (I personally like both variations), but it's all up to you!

Here's what I used in my doily garland! 
I used tan thread, doilies, and some cardstock!

All of the banner pieces can be hand cut for an even quirkier or unique look! I used multiple sizes of doilies for my project, but again you could make it with a pattern that only uses one size too.

This DIY is great for any place, especially dorms, above entrances or doorways, for special events or birthdays, and plenty more! If you make one of these banners be sure to share below in the comments, I love seeing your work!

There are hundreds of thousands of ways to change up this simple DIY, if you'd like to buy a kit for this one, please email me at kmc71996 at aol dot com for more info! Thanks for stopping by!

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