How to Prepare for Next Semester Enrollment // Planning Ahead

November 20, 2014

Thank goodness this semester is almost over. I'm ready for a little change along with the new season. As this semester comes to an end and finals are approaching, the dreaded time of enrollment comes along. Since I am a first year, this will be my first enrollment experience. The way that my college does enrollment is by year level. Fifth years & 4th Year honors get to register classes on the Monday of enrollment week and then it is sequential from there. If you couldn't already guess that means I am the last day of enrollment. My college also assigns times for each student to start enrolling, mine is at 10:30 A.M. which isn't terrible, but let's put it this way, my dream schedule probably won't happen, but I'll keep hoping!

Here is how I am attempting to prepare for the upcoming enrollment rush.

Tip #1. Have several back-ups

I cannot stress this enough!! The likelihood that you will get your first choice schedule is slim, so keep dreaming, but it could happen, so don't be totally down on your luck. You'll probably be able to get a majority of the classes you wanted. There's a few different ways you can create back-ups. One way is to make an excel spreadsheet and list everything on there. My school has a special website the lets us see every possible schedule arrangement from the classes we picked (pretty cool, huh?).

Tip #2. Don't forget to plan other things too

Yes, classes are important, but so is being a well-rounded person. So, be sure to account for any time slots that are unavailable because of conflicts such as clubs, work, gym time, or maybe you have nap time. Whatever your add-ons might be, be sure to include them in your excel spreadsheet.

Tip #3. Don't go overboard

Who cares if you can take up to 21 credits, you also need time to breathe. Don't push yourself over the edge your Spring semester. Spring semesters are for fun, especially once Spring fever hits (that's that itching feeling that you want to be outside). You won't want to be in classes all day, so take it easy, and do your best. Also remember all your other things you do and want to do!

I hope some of these tips help out some of you college newbies like myself! Happy enrolling!

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