Library Lockdown // How to Prep for Semester Finals

November 21, 2014

The theme this week really seems to have been how to prepare for next semester, but what about the rest of this semester?! Sure, the holidays are coming up, but there's still some serious school work that needs to be tended to before you can have your fruit cake. To help you through all the final papers, research projects, proposals, business plans, and finals here are a few of my best tips.

#1. Library Lockdown

I go to the library every Saturday night. I'll be there from 7-12 sometimes. It's not just self discipline that keeps me going, but my boyfriend also works there, so the walk to and from dorm side isn't as lonely. Now, when going to the library for a long span of time you need to plan ahead. Have a realistic plan of what you can/want to finish in the given allotted time. Be sure to have all the necessary textbooks, papers, handouts, and devices that you will need. Here's a simple list of things that I always need/bring to the library.

      • Snacks
      • Laptop
      • Chargers
      • Water bottle
      • Headphones
      • Sweatshirt (our library is always cold)
      • Work
      • Planner
      • Coffee
#2. Start Early

You've known all semester that your final project was due the day before Thanksgiving break and you're just starting now?! If you don't have a planner, I would highly suggest that you invest in one (plus, they are relatively cheap). A planner can keep everything in one place including due dates, deadlines, project ideas, meetings, elections, and other things that you've got going on. Starting early can really influence how your project ends up. Say you start a research paper, the week before it's due. One, your research will be fairly lack-luster and not in depth and two your main idea will not have enough time to fully develop into the great thing it could have been, So the main point of this tip is to plan ahead and you'll be successful!

#3.  Have designated study time

If you break up a whole semesters worth of material into different study sections by either content or importance then you can have specific study times for each section and distribute your studying throughout your schedule until your liking. If you haven't heard of three times a charm, then here's another little tidbit for you! There's some studies that show to retain information properly and to be able to retrieve it properly, you must read it,write it, and say it three times. I'm not really sure if this is a good method, but it wouldn't hurt to try!

I hope these few tips can help you out to finish off the semester with flying colors!

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