Fall Fast Forward // Class Enrollment

April 27, 2015

It's that time of the semester again...enrollment! Which is honestly nothing to be excited about. Although it always seems to be a pain in everyone's sides and no one ever seems to get what they wanted as their dream schedule, it is something to seriously consider preparing for. 

Want a few tips on how to make enrollment go a lot smoother? Check out my enrollment tips here!

There are usually two three things you never want to hear during enrollment:
1) The class is full
2) You've been wait listed (and you're the last person in line) 
3) The wait list is full

So the first step when this happens is take a deep breath, it's the fall semester, go see if that class is available in the spring! If it is available another time, no big deal, if not, well hopefully a new section opens up, or you can check the wait list every hour on the hour to see if anyone has dropped, or you can panic. But I do not recommend the last option. 

It's important to always categorize the priority of your classes and the professors you want. Getting into a calculus class when you're a math major is way more important that getting into the fine arts class you wanted to take as an elective. 

When it comes down to it, the best option is to have at least three back up schedules. I mean really, could the universe honestly shoot you down three times? 

Hopefully your enrollment went smoother than a hot knife through butter, baby (I swear that is from a home improvement show, but I can't remember the name). 

Happy enrolling! 

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