Beauty Life Hacks // DIY Glitter Nail Polish Tutorial!

August 15, 2015

We all know that there is that one dream nail polish color that they never have in stores. Besides, no one wants to pay an arm and a leg for one bottle of nail polish! Take a trip to your local glitter aisle and you'll be happy as a clam after this DIY tutorial! 

Today I am sharing with you a tutorial with how to make your very own DIY glitter nail polishes! The possibilities and options are ultimately endless. I hope you enjoy this DIY, now let's get into it (video at the end)!

I started out by gathering the supplies I needed.You'll need various glitters (fine, chunky, flaky, different shapes) the more the merrier, a bottle of clear nail polish, mine is from Sally Hansen. That's pretty much all of the main ingredients you'll need, but you'll also probably want something to cover your work surface, some scrap paper, and tape. 

I choose these two colors as my glitters of choice. They give off a rose gold feel don't you think? I highly recommend to limit yourself to three different colors of glitter. Also, I recommend that you pick different shapes of glitter (for example I have a fine grain glitter and a chunkier glitter). 

Lay down what you're using to cover your work surface (and turn off the fan, which I forgot to do). Then take  your paper funnel and your glitter and start putting in a little at a time. In the video tutorial I show you how to make this paper funnel! 

I recommend starting by adding a little bit of both glitters then, shaking it up, testing, and adding more if you so desire. I admit that this took a ton more glitter than I expected. 

Some other tips for while you're making your nail polish and afterwards! The glitter will quickly separate from the liquid, it will need a long time to shake it all up. Instead of shaking it, I find that leaving it sitting upside down for a few minutes is a more effective way of distributing the glitter throughout the bottle. Also, you will need to put on a few coats of your glitter nail polish (depending on how much glitter you like as well as much you want in your nail polish).

Enjoy my video tutorial and I hope you loved this easy DIY! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos!

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