Casually Autumn // OOTD

August 27, 2015

Hello all! August is coming to an end soon and with it's end comes cooler weather. So, in honor of the upcoming Fall season (and because it's cold out) here's an outfit to inspire you to keep it casually autumn. 

My favorite part about this particular outfit is how I kept the focus on cooler tones. Often in autumn, people like to incorporate the typical fall colors like burgundy, plum, and mustard yellow, but why not try some off beat autumn colors? 

Jeans: Aeropostale 
Shoes: Rue 21

Tank top: Danskin 
Collared shirt: Thrift Store (brand By Corpus) 
Belt: JC Penney 

If you have any questions about this outfit or have similar thoughts about autumn yourself please leave me a comment! I hope you enjoyed, thanks for stopping by! 

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