College Countdown: One week to go! // Packing & General Tips

August 11, 2015

With less than a week left before I move in, the pressure is getting real to start packing and finalizing everything before the big move in day! This year I am moving in a week early to volunteer to help with Freshman move-in day (it's a big ordeal). I will be living in an on-campus apartment with my own room (for all of you who are wondering).

I know that my Freshman move-in was very intimidating and the packing was daunting. So, I'm here to give you a few tried and true tips and tricks!

Tip #1

Do NOT bring your entire closet. I'm sure you've seen this tip before, but it's true. You do not need to bring every article of clothing you own with you. Also, the closet that you'll have to put it all in is a fraction of the size of your closet at home. Besides, you can always have your parents ship more clothes to you, or run home one weekend to grab some new threads!

Tip #2

Let your parents help. Not only is your life going to change, but theirs is too (especially if you're the baby of the family like I am). You should let your mom make your bed and your dad move your furniture. Be sure to also set up a phone call schedule because your mother will want to hear from you everyday! 

Tip #3

Don't be shy! Say hello to your next door neighbors! My dorm was a little different because we we're in suites instead (but say hi to your suite mates too!). Some of the people on your floor could end up being in some of your classes or becoming your best friend!

Tip #4

Organize your packing. You'll be really wishing you remembered which box you packed your phone charger in when your phone is at 5%. To avoid any sort of confusion for yourself have a packing list and number your boxes (or at the very least label them)! Excel is easy to use and can save you a bunch of time by just organizing which box has what in it! 

Tip #5

When in doubt don't bring it. Do you really need three famed photos of your dog? The answer is no. Dorms are small, remember this when you're packing and it'll definitely help you downsize on how much you pack! 

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Thank you so much for stopping by! What are your tips for the new freshman coming in? Share with us in the comments!

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