How to survive your first week of college // First Week Tips!

August 18, 2015

Hello all, I hope you're enjoying the rest of your summer! I don't know about you, but many of you who have read my other college related posts (which you can find here) know that my classes start next week!! Although it's my second year of college the first week can still be very stressful. Whether you are a freshman, an upperclassmen, or a worried parent, I hope you enjoy these tips!

Tip #1

Invest in a planner you like. I'm not saying by any means to go and buy $100 worth of Erin Condren brand. I'm saying that head to Target or Wal-Mart or even the Dollar Store and find a planner layout that works for you (and hopefully you like the cover). Whether it is a daily, weekly, or monthly layout get whatever works best for you. 

Tip #2

During your first week of college you may hear upperclassmen calling it "syllabus week". Mainly, the first week is to get a feel for the courses that you have enrolled in. To get a feel for the class, the professors hand out syllabuses. If you've never had a syllabus before or don't know what it is, it's basically an overview of the class curriculum, assignment due dates, expectations, test dates, grade percentages, and contact information (plus sometimes even more!). It's important to keep and reference your syllabus often throughout the year, 

Tip #3

Try finding your classes ahead of time. If you have extra time on your hands before classes start try and attempt to locate what buildings your classes are in. The last thing you'll want is to show up late on the first day of classes!

Tip #4

Just do it. If you're enrolled in too many classes for you to handle or you absolutely hate the elective class you chose, do yourself a favor and drop the class before the end of the add/drop week. If  you don't you could end up with a "W" on your records. Just be aware of your dates and read over the syllabus! If you need help deciding there are a lot of resources on campus. You could go to your advisor, straight to your professor, or even an upperclassmen.

Tip #5

The first week can be kind of scary. One way to make it a little less scary day by day is by introducing yourself to other people. This is one thing I wish I was better at. Having at least one person you know by name and a little bit about can help form a study group or make it easier to pick partners during class activities. Just reach out and say hi!

I wish you all the best first week! These tips will make the transition back to school a little easier (& hopefully less stressful). Share your first week tips in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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