DIY Initial Banner Sign // Apartment Essential!

September 05, 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! Today I have an awesome DIY to share with you all. There's a few different ways this DIY can be completed and used, so let's get started! 

I made these cute little signs for my apartment-mates and I to easily know who is home and who is not. If you're initial is visible, you're home. If it's not visible that means you're out of the apartment. This is just a simple system to know whether or not to lock the door. I love how these turned out and I hope you do too! 

I used a variety of acrylic paints to cover my wood pieces. I highly recommend the FolkArt Metallic gold paint for any craft project. You can see in the video at the end of this post how I use the metallic paint in some unique ways!

You can use all sorts of supplies on this project depending on your personal style and what you want them to look like in the end. I used a variety of paints, brushes, wood pieces, and some thread. If you don't have wood pieces you could also make these out of felt or chipboard as well. 

The first step of the entire process is to paint the base coat on all of your banner pieces. Once that is done, I then decorated all of them with different backgrounds. 

I picked out these four colors for the bases of the banner pieces because I thought they all went well together. I liked the look of some pastels and some darker colors together.

All of the banners have a gold theme with their patterns so that way they look nice standing next to each other. To create the stripes, I used a roll of washi tape to make a mask. To see this in more detail check out the video at the end of  this post!

To finish them off I added each of our initials to the banners and all done! If you'd like to see this project step by step, please watch the video below! Thanks for stopping by!

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