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September 15, 2015

What's worse than having homework? Having a test. We are now onto our fourth week of classes and the test dates are starting to pop up everywhere. Now I know what you're thinking, tests this early?? I know! It's atrocious. None the less, I have to deal with it, and if you're a student, you'll have to deal with this soon too. 

Studies show that studying over a certain maximum number of hours leads to a plateau of absorption of the material. So, in order to combat this we must take study breaks. I have a list of some great study break ideas to give your mind a little breather in between chapters!

#1. Paint your nails

I don't know about you, but a fresh coat of an interesting color really rejuvenates my vibes. It also helps to stare at something besides a textbook for a few minutes, but be careful! Try to use a polish that doesn't take a long time to dry, maybe a glitter polish (because it's easier to fix chips).

#2. Prep for the next day

Not only will this idea give you a well deserved study break, it also helps you have a more productive tomorrow. Often times, I find that when I'm trying to study there is a lot going on in the back of my head. Initiate a 'brain dump' onto a note pad, prioritizing some of your to-do's. Hopefully you'll feel a little more focused and a little less stressed.

#3. Doodle

I know a lot of you are creative at heart like me and nothing kills creativity faster than a history test the next day. Try doodling out a quick sketch of George Washington or some simple swirls and flowers. Whatever your heart is itching to draw or write, do it (for a few minutes)!

#4. Do a simple chore

You have no idea how much of a refresher you can get by just throwing in a needed load of laundry. doing a simple chore around the house is not only productive, but also gets you out of your study zone physically and mentally. Getting up and moving around can be very helpful into settling back into your studying groove.

#5. Make your bed

If you're anything like me (which I'm assuming you are) then you probably don't make your bed everyday. It's nice to get up and away from your desk and go make your bed. Sure, you might not appreciate it now (or it might want to make you crawl into bed), but at 1:00 AM when you're finally crawling into bed, you'll be so glad you take that break to make it.

I hope some of these tips inspire you to not push yourself too hard this semester and to remember that a break can really be beneficial. Here's a few more of my study tips:

Try rewriting professor notes or your own: I know this really helps me. Seeing the information numerous times is a real bonus. Reading it and rewriting it is completely different.

Flashcards:Flashcards can work wonders for many subjects. I believe flashcards are more useful than just for definitions and dates. I use flashcards to summarize the main points in each chapter then, I have them for when the final cumulative exam rolls around.

Treat yourself: Studying for a long time is exhausting and is a lot of hard work. It's important to set yourself realistic simple goals to keep you on track. Once you complete  a goal, you get your reward. Try rewarding yourself with a piece of candy or one (just one) cat video.

I know that the semester can get pretty daunting. Three tests in one week? Don't worry you got this. Just study hard and take breaks when necessary and do not forget to eat and hydrate! I hope you all enjoyed these simple ideas and tips. Please let me know what you're study break ideas are in the comments!!

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