DIY No-carve Pumpkin Ideas // Halloween Decorating 101

October 17, 2015

I know, I know...another Halloween post?!? Well, you know, it is the season! Just wait until Christmas!! Today, I have a really easy, inexpensive, and simple DIY. I hope that this set of projects really appeal to all of the different types of crafters out there, so let's just jump into it!

I had soooo many ideas to try on all of my little, itty-bitty pumpkins, but I had to narrow it down, I'll be sharing with you three different no-carve pumpkin designs that are so super quick you'll want to do it yourself!

The first pumpkin is for all of the glitz and glam lovers out there! Make your Halloween a little more cutesy with an easy DIY glitter pumpkin. You'll first need your pumpkin, some adhesive (I recommend mod podge or white glue like Elmer's), your glitter of choice, and a paint brush. You may also want newspaper or scrap paper so glitter doesn't get all over your work station. 

To begin creating your glitter pumpkin, you want to decide how you want it to look. Do you want vertical stripes, horizontal, covered in glitter? Once you decide your look, you'll begin applying the glue using the brush to the areas you want glitter (polka dots would look really cool!). Once you give a generous coat of glue, begin lightly sprinkling your glitter on to your pumpkin. Tap off the access glitter and ta-da you're done! 

Our second pumpkin, my personal favorite, will represent the cutest animal on the planet, cats! The idea for this pumpkin can easily be altered for all sorts of different animals and creatures. To start off for out kitty cat pumpkin you will need: a pumpkin, black felt, a hot glue gun, black paint, a paint brush, and some scissors, (palette optional). 

There are several ways you can go about making a pumpkin into a cat, but here's how I created mine. I cut out two identical black felt triangles. While, my hot glue was warming up, I marked on my pumpkin where I wanted my ears to be. Then, I put a drop of glue on the two non-90 degree angle corners of my triangles and pinched them together (see video for easier explanation). Once those corners were set, I glued my ears onto my pumpkin. 

To complete our little kitty cat friend, you'll want to paint on some simple whiskers. If this isn't enough cat for you, feel free to paint on the rest of the facial features for more effect.

Our next friend is a tad more scary. I took some inspiration from Jack Skellington for this easy FIY painted pumpkin. Painting a pumpkin can lead to endless possibilities, but since I already had black paint out from my kitty-cat pumpkin, I decided that this was the route to go!

Ta-da! Those are all of the DIY no-carve pumpkins I created! I had to keep one plain because pumpkins in general are just so cute! I hope you enjoyed this DIY, please watch the video below for more details & subscribe to my YouTube channel for one new video a week!

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