5 Carry-On Essentials // Packing Tips & Fav Items!

January 12, 2016

My family, my boyfriend, and I will soon be taking a nice and well deserved vacation to kick off a new year and before we all get busy back at school. Even though you may be able to guess the destination already, my carry on remains the same no matter where we may be flying. Today I'm here to share some of the must haves that are essential to my carry on!

#1. Gum

I'm not a huge gum person when it comes to day to day living, but I absolutely need it when traveling. The flavor isn't a huge factor to me either, as long as it isn't one of those minty ones that burns my gums because it is just too minty. This is the one I'll be packing for this trip! Orbit's sweet mint is the perfect amount of mintiness for me! An additional tip, if you chew gum while taking off or landing it'll help your ears from popping.

#2. Wipes

Sometimes you get into sticky situations, or gross situations, but hand wipes are here to save the day! They can clean up a lot of things like hands dirty screens, or your tray table. It helps if they have some disinfectant in them too! These are definitely an essential for any trip, especially since they sell travel packs.

#3. Sour Patch Watermelons

I am addicted to these. I love how they are sour and sweet in the best sort of ratio. These are definitely an essential for me. Plus, they are convenient to transport and won't melt in warm places!

#4. Headphones

I'm not sure what I would do on a plane without them. Whether I'm playing a game on my phone or just listening to music, it makes me (personally) feel less nauseous as well as more grounded. I like the ones that come with iProducts, but if those don't float your boat, I'd recommend some noise cancelling ones just in case you have to sit next to someone who snores or a crying child.

#5. Coloring Book

Coloring books are all the rage right now. I got 6 coloring books for Christmas! I'm really looking forward to getting a few pages done on my next flight. Plus, it truly is relaxing and fun!

Share with me your carry on must haves in the comments! Thanks for stopping by!

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