Winter fun Activities! // Indoor & Outdoor ideas!

January 28, 2016

So much snow. The snow truly inspired this post. As I gaze out my windows it just seems like there is more and more piling up out there! Since the inevitable is bound to happen, here's how to salvage your snow days into something more and how to enjoy the snow before it becomes Spring. Today, I bring you ideas for indoor and outdoor activities that your kids and you will enjoy together.


Of course sometimes you really just want to stay inside where it is warm, so here's some ideas to bring you together without the harsh cold of mother nature breathing down your necks. Even if you don't get snowdays where you live, you could always do these  and have your own 'snowday' on the weekend!

#1. Indoor snowball fight

Did you know they sell these kits?! How cute! But don't worry if you are snowed in, you can DIY them with some yarn! Just check out Pinterest for more guidance. The true beauty of this one is that since they are so light, nothing could break and hopefully no injuries!

#2. Hot Cocoa Sticks

These are super fun to make and don't take many ingredients. Check out my DIY here for more information! Who doesn't enjoy a lovely treat on a winter day?

#3. Game Day

Everyone loves board games! Try going to that closet where you keep all of your games and pull out some old favorites. Depending on the age range some possible options include: Apples to Apples, Uno, Monopoly, Risk, Checkers, Trivial Pursuit, and more. Pick a game that takes a while too, I mean, you've got the whole day!


#1. Build a snowman

Do you wanna build a snowman? Anna loves to build snowman, so make your very own Olaf with your kids. Not all snow is great for building snowmen, but if there's a storm coming be sure to grab a large carrot from the grocery store!

#2. Sled races

This would be really fun to do with all the neighborhood kids (but be careful while traveling)! Form some teams and pick out your sleds. Then start creating a track for each team to race down. The winners get more marshmallows in their hot cocoa!

#3. Blow bubbles

Depending on how cold it is out, you may just want to grab your summer supplies and head out into the tundra! If you try and blow bubbles when it's very cold out, they'll freeze into cool spheres! Give it a try and have some fun! See who can blow the biggest frozen bubble!

I hope you enjoyed this short list of ideas for some snowday fun! Thanks for stopping by!

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