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March 01, 2016

Happy March! I hope you're all having a lovely spring. As many of you may already know, I'm currently on a co-op or paid full time internship at my college. My position title is project assistant/event manager, so I suppose it's kinda self explanatory, but I'll go into it anyway.

Here's some of the basics. I work 9-5 ish Monday - Friday in the office of my boss. I have my own computer and little desk area, so it's pretty sweet. Some of my daily tasks include posting to our event's social media pages, answering emails, compiling excel spreadsheets of info, and attending committee meetings. That's just a small glimpse of what I really do because the tasks vary every day.

Don't worry, it doesn't get too boring, but as all work can be, it sometimes does get boring. I'll admit, I thought I would love the 9-5 life, but this experience has really shown me that maybe a desk job just isn't for me. I need something more creative, more open. Not a tiny office and few co-workers. I've realized with this opportunity in particular that I love being creative, and I need that in my day to day life. Yes, I do have my blog, and yes, my current job is flexible with allowing me to do personal things when I have down time, but it's not necessarily enough for me. As this journey continues, I'll make more posts about my thoughts when it's completely finished.

I think that interning is important, it really helps you get a feel for what kind of work environment you'd like to work in and other preference too. It can be hard at times to find an internship that truly interests you, so take a leap of faith and try new job ventures. As a marketing major myself, I didn't think an event planning internship would be something that I would love, but I wanted to give it a try. I must admit, that this industry is a little better than I thought it was going to be, but it's all a matter of perspective.

There are ups and downs of every internship. It's important for you to weigh the pros and cons yourself. They are a great opportunity to gain insight into a particular industry and to test the waters. It helps that some of them are paid, like mine, but it's also important to make sure you're getting out of this internship what you put into it. You should be learning at least something or other while you're working, especially if you're not getting paid.

I hope you enjoyed today's post! If you have any questions feel free to tweet, message, or comment and I'll be happy to answer them. Thanks for stopping by!

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