Watercolor Note Cards // Luck of the Irish

March 15, 2016

Hello all! Welcome back to my blog! If you can recall way back in February, I made some small cards similar to these for Valentine's Day including a video tutorial! So, if you're more into videos than blog posts, check that out here! I hope you're all having a lovely spring so far. I have a cute project that will get you in the mood for St. Patrick's Day! Being mostly Irish myself, I figured I'd make a little something to give to my friends because why not?!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

To make these cards I used kraft cardstock and some watercolor paper. All supplies that are available still will be listed with links at the end of this post. So, for this card I puddled water onto my watercolor paper to make a fun shape. Then one color at a time, I added the paint to my pool in layers going in a dark to light fashion. Let this completely air dry before doing anything else.

I think it is super fun to add splatters of paint to my projects so I do this step usually after I stamp my sentiment. If your splatters land in a spot you think isn't ideal, just use a piece of paper towel to blot it off easily. Now, once you let that dry, you can add your fun sequins!

Once you have your card front the way you want it, you can now attach it to your card base. Both of the stamps I used are from Studio G last year. I hope you are inspired to spread some Irish cheer this season! Thanks for stopping by!

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