College Files: Summer Plans // Classes, Internships, Study Abroad?!

April 07, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today we are opening up another college file on the topic of summer! Not the typical summer you might be thinking of though.

Summer can be a pretty hectic time if you're a collegiate like me. There are so many opportunities during the summer months that a lot of students do not take advantage of. However, it's also important to give yourself a break, so before you think about loading up your plate for summer consider some of these things.

As I said, there is a lot to consider before jumping in to any big plans for summer. Want to study abroad? Well, there's applications for that, plus important documents you'll need to get which take time like your passport, visas, and even getting special vaccinations. Want an internship in California? Finding housing can take a long time (unless your employer provides it for you). Also consider the differences in time zones when applying. Want to take classes? Financial aid is offered during the summer months, but it'll spread your aid thin through your other semesters. Contact your financial adviser before taking the leap!

Although there are a lot of precautions that you need to take before jumping into anything this summer, don't be afraid to! There are so many wonderful opportunities out there. Here are some of the benefits about each of the things you could do this summer!

1. Nothing

Summer is the relaxation season, so maybe this should be your big break! Make some wonderful memories with hometown friends, learn a new hobby, and pick up some new habits that'll help in the new school year. That's the obvious option if you have felt the wear and tear from this past school year! If that's a little too boring for you, or just not your thing, then maybe the next one is a little more your speed.

2. Part-time Job/Volunteering

Some of us (including me) cannot stand being un-busy. I absolutely love having stuff to do. Going from one task to the next is what keeps me going (I love making to-do lists). If this summer you want to be able to have some time to relax, but also want a little extra excitement (that sometimes pays), then this one is for you! Try getting a gig at the local ice cream parlor or maybe the thrift store. Look around in your neighborhood for something worth your wile that you will enjoy. If a strict work schedule isn't your type and you prefer a more go with the flow sort of position then try volunteering! It looks great on a resume, is definitely part time and it helps the community. There are so, so, so many places you can volunteer. There's local nursing homes, animal shelters, camps, libraries, churches, youth groups, and so many more! There's definitely an option that will peak your interest and don't forget to add it to your resume!

3. Studying Abroad

Personally, I haven't been that many places outside the U.S. and I've never been out of North America, but that's besides the point because this is all about your summer! If traveling the world has always interested you, then studying abroad is the easiest way to do that. They always say to travel while you're young because you might not have time when you're older...well they might not actually say that, but it's true! There's several programs that you can apply for to study or even work abroad. It's important to look into all the details to be sure it's what you want to do. My friends who have studied abroad say it is the best experience of their lives.

4. Co-op/Paid Internship

At my university and in my program a co-op is required. I'm on my co-op right now since I had room in my schedule (check out that blog post here). Finding an internship in your industry is a great eye-opener! It's even better if it's in the field you want. Getting paid isn't a bad add on either! There are so many companies out there looking for college students to work the summer for them. Almost every job site will probably have some listings, but don't forget you can also go straight to larger companies' websites and look directly. Some big companies that offer positions include Disney, Universal Studios, Jet, Amazon, Southwest Airlines, and more! Don't be afraid to apply, just put yourself out there and see what happens! You got this girl! (or boy, if any man actually reads this).

I hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at all your choices for summer plans! Some other ones that I didn't go into include taking classes online or in person, missionary trips, babysitting, tutoring, and more, so look into all of the options that interest you and find what fits best! What are your possible plans for summer? Thanks for stopping by!

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