How to Create a Kit from your Stash! // #3 Stickers - Alphas & more!

April 16, 2016

Welcome back everyone! We're diving straight into part three of my How to Create a Kit from your Stash series! If you've missed out on the first parts go here! Now, today we'll be covering one of the things that I personally buy the most of...stickers! They're always on clearance and they are always so cute. If you have a stash of stickers like me, then you'll really want to use some of them up. I've actually been working on longer titles so that has been helping a lot, but that's another post! 

In the video, I go over how and why I've picked out everything from my alphabet stickers, some icon stickers, and even some rub-ons. I'll have everything in more detail below as well! 

I've tried to simplify the steps down below so it's easier to read and easier to comprehend. Let's dive into the sticker world! 

1.) Starting with alphas - Quantity

I have great news! You can always add more alphas if you run out. This kit is a starting point and if you grow out of it, add more things! I chose three alphabets for my kit. I think up to five would be the maximum. You don't want to overwhelm yourself. Plus, think about everything you've already added into your kit (or planning on adding). If you're adding an alphabet stamp set, you don't need too many letter stickers. If you're planning on using PL cards as title pieces, you don't need too many large alphas. It's all a give or take process, but keep your options open. Just because it isn't in the kit, doesn't mean you can't use it.

2.) Fonts & Sizes

You obviously do not want to get bored with your kit, so change up the fonts and sizes that you select. I tend to go for a bolder title, so I have larger fonts. As you can see I've picked out three different fonts. I love mixing script fonts with plain block letters, it adds great contrast. Just keep in mind which alphas go together and which ones don't.

3.) Colors

Color applies to all of the sections in this tutorial. You don't want clashing colors. I tend to lean more towards neutral alphabets over colorful ones, but it's all a matter of preference. Don't pick alphabets that are all the same color though because this could cause boredom.

4.) Other stickers

There are so many other options when it comes to "other" stickers. So, there's two different paths you can take. One, you know what photos you'll be using for this kit and you could totally pull out themed stickers. Two, you're like me and have no idea what pictures you'll be scrapbooking so you can pick generic stickers. 

Since I choose option two, I tried to remain in the color scheme. I picked out some gold foiled icon stickers and then some white rub-on icons. They could work on everyday layouts and special occasion ones. The point of the matter no matter which path you choose is to use up your stickers. Whether they be flowers, animals, Christmas elves, or anything in between. Just be sure you will be able to and want to use them. :)

Woohoo! I think I covered everything I wanted to in less than 5 steps! I hope this is all making sense to you all. Let me know if it's not. I know that sometimes ideas on paper don't sound as well as they did in my head. Haha! So, now that you've graduated this portion of making your kit, you get to move on to the next section,,,,#4 Stamps and Mixed Media!

I hope you all enjoyed and I'll see you back here for part 4! Let me know if you have any questions!

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