My 2018 Crafty Goals! // How to Set Them & Stay on Track

January 09, 2018

Hello my fellow crafty people! Can you believe that 2018 is right around the corner? If you haven't checked out my recap of my 2017 Crafty Goals be sure to do so! I've filmed a video sharing with you an overview of my 2018 crafty goals down below, but I will dive in to some of them a bit more here. I'm also sharing some tips and tricks on ways to help you set your crafty goals and how to stay on track with them.

How to Set Realistic Goals:

You want your goal to be challenging, but you also want it to be realistic. Attempting to complete 1000 layouts in 2018 when you only made 68 in 2017 is a tiny bit unrealistic. You know your habits and schedule better than anyone. Base your goals on your expectations and your wants. If you work a full time job, maybe you should designate three nights a week to scrapbook. Sometimes providing yourself time to get creative is much more important than output. If you are a stay at home parent, maybe you can take some time in the morning or at night to get crafty. Maybe you're in college and trying to capture all of your fun memories, so maybe you should focus on Travelers Notebooks. Everyone is different and everyone has different reasons why the create. Take these tips in to consideration when you go to make your goal(s)!

If you need someone to talk over your goals with please feel free to reach out to me via Instagram or in the comments on here or my YouTube channel! I think that it is important to set goals for yourself so you don't forget. I know that crafting for me is a creative outlet that I thrive at and enjoy. Make sure to make time for yourself creatively in the new year.

Some of My Crafty Goals: 

1. Complete 100 Layouts
2. Finish 1 Travel Album (ahem...Disney)
3. Create More and Spend Less
4. Participate in 10 Collabs
5. Make 50 Cards
6. Finish 1 12x12 Paper Pad and 3 6x6 Paper Pad
7. Reach 2000 YouTube Subscribers

The video I filmed below better explains my 2018 goals in some more details. I don't dive in to all of them, since some are goals for growing my social networks, but these are my top crafty goals. I'd love to hear your crafty goals as well! You might just inspire new ones for me! Please feel free to share some of them with me in the comments section.

How to Stay on Track:

A year long goal can be overwhelming. At the beginning of the year, you're probably full of enthusiasm to get started, but once the year picks up and things get busy, creativity tends to fall to the way side. To keep myself on track, I like to set monthly goals or plan out what I want to focus on per month. In November 2017, I was focused on finishing up a 6x8 Travel Album I had started earlier in the year. Since I was so focused, it was the only thing I worked on, but I had so much fun and now have a completed album! Obviously, not everyone is the same so your goals and tactics should be different. Outlining where I am on a monthly basis definitely help me evaluate where I was putting my creative time and maybe that my goals should change (yes, they can change!).

Do you have tactics you like to use to keep track of your goals? Let me know your plans in the comments! I hope you enjoyed this short look in to my thoughts about goal setting and crafty goal keeping. Thanks for stopping by!

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