Reflecting on 2019 Accomplishments and Road Blocks + Free Worksheet! // 2020 Creative Reset Series

Zzz - 12x12 Layout Process Video // Episode Z - Summer of Stories

Today on the Menu YUM - 12X12 Layout Process // Episode Y - Summer of Stories

XO, Better Together - 12x12 Layout Process // Episode X - Summer of Stories

Hello West Virginia - Double Page Layout // Episode W - Summer of Stories

Vermont - 6x8 Pocket Page Process // Episode V - Summer of Stories

Ultimate Tourist - 12x12 Layout Process // Episode U - Summer of Stories

Top Of The World - 12x12 Layout Process // Episode T - Summer of Stories

Less Monday More Summer - 12x12 Layout Process // Episode S - Summer of Stories

Hello Rotunda - 12x12 Pocket Page Process // Episode R- Summer of Stories

Quite The Duo - 8x8 Double Layout Process // Episode Q - Summer of Stories


Presents! - 8x8 Layout Process Video // Episode P - Summer of Stories!


Open Sky - 12x12 Multi Photo Layout // Episode O - Summer of Stories

Naughty or Nice - 8x8 Layout Process! // Episode N - Summer of Stories


Merry Moments - 6x8 Pocket Page Layout Process // Episode M - Summer of Stories

Legendary Cookies - 12x12 Layout Process // Episode L - Summer of Stories

Kitty Love - 12x12 Layout Process // Episode K - Summer of Stories

Christmas Joy - 12x12 Layout Process // Episode J - Summer of Stories

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