Setting Your Creative Goals for 2019! // Free Planning Worksheet!

January 01, 2019

Hello there, crafty friends and happy 2019! With a new year, comes new ideas, new opportunities, and new goals. Obviously, we're focusing on the goals aspect for today's post. We're on the hunt to prep ourselves for a very crafty new year! But setting your own goals can become very overwhelming. Today, I'll be sharing a free template to help you create your crafty goals. If you're looking for a more in-depth version to help you along, I have a full four-page worksheet and lesson on my Patreon! Buckle up because there's a lot of info here! Let's dive right into this simple crafty goal worksheet!

There are three main aspects when it comes to setting and achieving your goal. There's the goal itself, the steps to achieve the goal and the possible roadblocks along the way to achieving the goal. If you plan on having multiple crafty goals for 2019 I would highly recommend printing out a goal worksheet for each one.

The way that this is outlined is to give you a simple reference sheet as you work through your goal. I might try to make a full year planning sheet for those larger goals, but this is a streamlined version. Also, stay tuned for a video where I talk about my crafty goals on my YouTube channel! First, we need to figure out your goal. It's all about setting yourself up for success and being inspired to get your projects completed!

To see a completed example of the goal setting worksheet, check it out here! This will help guide you as you go through the process. The first step is picking a goal. The worksheets I am sharing to my Patrons on Patreon help them through that process at a deeper level, but I'll give you some starting points here. 

How to Pick Your Goal:

We already know that our goal should be measurable and have some sort of trackable outcome. But with all of the items on your to-do list, it might get lost for where to being. There are three different types of crafty goals to choose from:

1. Creative Time
2. Completing Unfinished Projects
3. Amount of Projects

Understanding how you work creatively will help you immensely in figuring out which types of goals work best for you. Some example goals could be "Make 2 layouts a week", "Complete 2015 December Daily", "Do something creative for 30 minutes every day". Those types of goals would be Amount of Projects, Completing Unfinished Projects, and Creative Time in respective order. Pick out a goal that fits your schedule (extra emphasis on the YOUR). Everyone has different processes for creative time and different lifestyles. You might only craft once a month at a crop, but you could get a whole mini album done or if you craft 30 minutes every other day, you might get one layout done a week. Just keep your time parameters in mind and don't make something completely unreachable. 

Once you understand how you look at your creative endeavors, through unfinished projects, time, or amount of projects, will help you be able to how to make your goals. Now that we've reviewed some common types of goals, let's go through the worksheet together!

You can download this FREE Goal Worksheet here! View a completed example version here!

Since we've already narrowed down your goal options, let's pick one. For the sake of this little mini-lesson, we'll do a different example than on my first example version linked above.

My Goal: Complete 100 12x12 Layouts by November 1, 2019.

I picked my goal and my due date. It doesn't have to be year-long goals, you could do monthly, quarterly, or any types of goals you want! If you plan on making multiple goals to focus your energy on for different parts of the year, make sure you space them out, so you don't get overwhelmed!

5 Simple Steps to Reach My Goal: 
1. Find 100 different sketches I would like to use this year.
2. Make 100 different page kits for each sketch.
3. Pair photos with each page kit.
4. Write index cards with title ideas and journaling for each page kit.
5. Schedule out time each month for X amount of page kits based on my schedule.

I kept my 5 simple steps, just that, simple! These are the very basic steps that I'll need to do to get my way to my goal. When thinking about your steps towards your goal, don't get too bogged down. Try to make these 5 simple steps as sort of milestones for your goal items. Pulling out the sketches is a great planning starting point for my example goal. I left most of my steps to be the prep work for the execution of the layouts, but that's just because it will take up the bulk of my time. Yours can be totally and completely different! 

Obstacles & Possible Solutions:

1. Obstacle: Becoming uninspired. Solution: Make a list of favorite scrappy YouTubers to get inspiration from to stay on top of my goal.

2. Obstacle: Not staying organized. Solution: Make a spreadsheet to keep track of what layouts are completed, in progress, need journaling or memorabilia, etc.

I left two spots for obstacles and solutions on the worksheet because you might not foresee any obstacles, but there probably will be along the way. This is a great way to help yourself in the future. If you think you'll be frustrated during the project, having these pre-set "solutions" might put you right back on the right track! 

You can also check out my crafty goals in this video on my YouTube channel!

I hope you find this template helpful and you can look forward to MORE freebies coming in 2019! If you want to learn more about setting realistic crafty goals, you can check out my Patreon where I'm sharing a more in-depth goal making workshop. If you have any questions please let me know and I would be happy to help. I hope you all have the happiest of New Years!  

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