New Series Announcement! // Craft Your Stash Away...One Project at a Time!

March 01, 2020

Long time, no blog! I am so excited to be revamping my blog over the course of this new series. I am proud to announce the Craft Your Stash Away...One Project at a Time! You can watch the video down below to hear an overview and then I am sharing some more of the details later in this post! You are in for a fun treat! 

What is this new series?
So, what is this new series you ask? It is putting a laser-focused effort on a smaller section of one of our goals or intentions for the year. In my examples, you will see that I outline a bunch of different projects and parts of projects that I want to potentially focus on. But there are ample ways to build this out for other styles of goals and different lifestyles.

We are trying to jumpstart the progress on our yearly goals by using spring cleaning (or spring using in this case) as a motivator to use up more supplies (one project at a time!). 

How do I set my focus?
Your focus is totally up to you, but here are a few examples that might inspire you:
  • Use stickers on every project and focus on finishing 4 sheets of stickers.
  • Finish the next 10 pages in my 2018 Project Life Album.
  • Use all items out of your 'Use it or Lose it' bin. 
  • Plan your Disney Album Pages

Personally, my focuses will be selected from the following list. I might even add in a few more ideas as the month progresses.
  • Disney Weekend Traveler's Notebook
  • 2016 Disney Album - Cruise Section
  • Plan and start Kitty Adoption Mini Album
  • Plan out Montana Mini Album
  • Graduation Chipboard Album 
Don't be afraid to mix and match! While what you choose is supposed to be your focus for these next three months, they don't necessarily need to be the sole exclusive projects/topics you are working on. Be mindful of your time and stick to your goals the best you can, but let your creativity guide you. Also, remember that any progress is good progress! 

Whether you set a new focus each month or have one for the three-month span, I hope you find some extra motivation from my insightful update videos. My March focus is going to finish my Disney Weekend Traveler's Notebook. This goal may be a bit misleading though, essentially I want to scrap all of the photos I have printed. I don't believe that this will actually fill up the full notebook, so I need to identify what else I can put in or what else I might want to include such as extended journaling pages. 

What can I expect from this series?
Every Saturday through the next three months I will be posting update videos for my upcoming plans and current progress! I'll do layout shares, flip through, and my struggles and behind the scenes of these next three months. 

As my updates roll out, I would love to hear your progress too! Leave comments here on the blog or on the YouTube videos so we can cheer each other on and talk about real issues and roadblocks we face when it comes to finishing projects!

You can use the hashtag #CraftYourStashAway20 on Instagram to share your projects and progress towards your goal! 

Overall, I am very excited to Craft My Stash Away and I hope you are too! Please comment with your thoughts and your focuses for the next bit of time! I can't wait to share with you my journey!

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