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Easy DIY Christmas Poinsettia Garland

We're jumping into the Christmas spirit with today's DIY project! Since I've moved into my new apartment, I've been lacking in the home decor department. I wanted to change that, especially for the Christmas season! I started by tackling the large space above the couch. I thought it would be a great idea to make a DIY garland. The ones at the store can be so expensive and sometimes you don't know what size to get!

I started this project by gathering my supplies. The main supplies you will need are the plain garland, a way to hang it, and decorations. My garland is from the Dollar Tree. Although it is of lower quality, you did get a long length for your money. If you're looking for a thicker garland, you can stack these up more and more for increased texture. As for decorations, I pulled out so many with tons of ideas I had, but what I ended up using included poinsettias, burlap bows, small pinecones, and holly berries. You can fit your decoration choices into any budget by utilizing coupons and the Dollar Store! Enjoy the video tutorial for this DIY Christmas Poinsettia Garland!

This is a simple and super customizable DIY. The hardest part about it is probably deciding what to put on it! There's also the decision on how to hang it. I went the Command Hook route because I can hang something up for each season. I absolutely adore how this came out and as I mentioned before the possibilities are endless! I really enjoyed making the centerpiece the most. I like how it draws the attention right to the center.

I hope you enjoyed this first Christmas DIY! I plan on making a bunch more this holiday season! If you want to see any specific holiday decor or gift ideas let me know! There are definitely a lot of magical surprises coming soon! I hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!


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