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Into the Wild Blue - Traveler's Notebook Process | Montana TN - Summer of Stories

Happy weekend! I was lucky enough to spend my Friday evening crafting the hours away, which means I have a lot to share with you in the coming weeks! Today however we are diving into another traveler's notebook spread for my Montana TN!

This spread may make it into my top faves when the project is complete, but let me know what you think in the comments down below. We are taking a unique approach to this spread since I wanted to incorporate a tricky product. The elusive landscape background papers. These gorgeous papers can be hard to work with, you don't want to cover too much or have them competing with your photos. Learn how I make it work in the traveler's notebook process video below and when you keep reading this post!

To tackle the notoriously difficult landscape backgrounds, I knew I had to keep it simple. I wanted the paper to help tell my story, not compete with it. What better way than to let it mimic the very photo I paired with it! The rolling mountains in my photo are so reminiscent of the ones in the background paper - amazing! I paired it with one die cut and one sticker to build my own scene and to make sure I covered a majority of the seam. When fusing two 6x6 papers together to create a nice background it can be hard when they don't repeat. Ensure you cover the seam by using other embellishments, paper layers, or even a photo.

As you all might already know, I adore mixing, matching, and stacking embellishments to create a really cohesive look. This layout was no different! While the top page of the spread is calm, cool, and collected, the bottom has a lot going on. Between the die cuts, stickers, puffy stickers, washi tape, and puffy dots - there's enough detail here to keep a viewer's hungry eyes satisfied.

Overall, I am overjoyed with how this layout turned out. It was truly a breathtaking moment taking in the views at the start of my Montana hike. If you'd like to see more stunning views be sure to watch the Montana Vlog! I still can't believe these were the views right off the parking lot of this park. Montana may have my heart!

I hope you enjoyed my take on using those beautiful landscape backgrounds companies include in their collections! They certainly are very beautiful - which is why it reminded me of Montana so much. Let me know in the comments what you think of my spread and if you like the landscape-style background papers that are a trend in the industry.

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As always, thanks for stopping by! If you are looking for more traveler's notebook inspiration check out my playlist here!



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