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You Want a Pizza Me? - 12x12 Multi-Photo Layout Process | Summer of Stories

If you are a pizza lover like me, then it would make perfect sense to you why I would want a full layout to document slices larger than my head! If you haven't tried Lazy Moon pizza in Orlando, try it on your next trip! This layout has a ton going on and I'm so happy I captured my process to share with you. Let's dive into the video to get the details before we check out the up-close photos.

I will always love mixing warm and cool tones. This particular layout is warm tone heavy, but the pops of blue really help balance it all out! The paper pad I picked for my August homemade scrapbook kit was a solid choice.

I also lucked out finding that while I did mix so many different shades of yellow, they all somehow worked together! I was pleasantly surprised by the color payoff of the Simon Hurley ink pad I used. I'm not a huge fan of how it stamped on this tag. You can almost tell in the up-close photos that it feathered quite a bit. I will have to do a few more tests to see if it was the paper, the stamp, or just the ink.

While I did use a lot of words embellishments on this layout, I think I did a good job of keeping them spread out. A lot of collections repeat the same phrases over and over. I included a lot of classics like "love", "yay", and "remember", but those words fit!

This stack of labels is one of my favorites parts of this layout! To dress up the set of 3 labels, I included some enamel dots, some star stickers, and an acetate geotag! If you ever went to repeat an element like this, try offsetting them slightly for a unique look as opposed to them all being aligned.

Last, but not least - the epic title cluster. I will say the flower embellishments seem like a bit of a stretch for a pizza-themed layout, but I couldn't help myself! They help fill in the extra face on the title tag without overwhelming the title or competing for color contrast from the punchline. I snuck in a few strips of Freckled Fawn washi tape beneath the title cluster.

I hope you enjoyed this fun warm and cool tone multi-photo layout! I had a lot of fun mixing and matching elements from my kit to create a cohesive look for my pizza of the story. Finishing it off with my punny title was out of the park! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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