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It was probably only moments after finishing my first hike in Montana that I knew I had to squeeze in another one before I left. I started looking up other nearby hikes as soon as I got back to my hotel. I had one free afternoon left for my work trip and I was determined to make the most of it.

There are a lot of hiking opportunities in Montana. But finding one that was in ubering distance and that I could complete before the sun went down was making it more challenging. I stumbled upon Herron Park and after reading reviews on Google, looking at some photos of the views, and reviewing the trail map - I was sold. Come with me as I explore a much greater elevation and stunning views of Montana and Foy's Lake in this travel diary.

Herron Park was a different experience compared to Lone Pine State Park. If you missed my first Montana travel diary where I go there, you won't want to miss it - check it out here! I tried my hardest to capture the beauty that I got to witness in person through the lens of my camera. But I must say nothing will beat being there in person.

This particular trail was unique in that horses could go on it. While I didn't see any horses on the actual trails, I did see proof that they were there at some point. Although the trails at Herron Park were steep and winding in some parts, there were several mountain bikers taking it on.

Every so often as you walked the trails on the edge of the mountainside, you would see a break in the trees and get a view that was truly immaculate. Rolling hills, mountains in the distance, shades of green as far as you could see. Every time I look at the videos and photos I still feel like I notice something new.

Between the smell of the pine trees, the gorgeous views of Foy's Lake, and just an overall great time. Montana won over my heart. In the photo gallery below I left a few more moments I captured on camera but not on video. I got a lovely strawberry shaved ice and enjoyed exploring the shops downtown. While I loved the view from flying out of Montana, I still didn't want to leave.

If you've been to Montana please let me know in the comments down below where I should plan to visit next. I really want to go to Glacier National Park next time, but I know there is so much more to explore in big sky country.

Was Montana everything it was cracked up to be?

Yes, and so much more. I don't think I'll ever get over my trip to Montana. I only got to do a handful of things - including two short hikes and exploring a tiny bit of downtown Kalispell, but that was enough to have me hooked. Thanks for stopping by and visiting Montana with me. I'll continue documenting my stories of Montana in my traveler's notebook and sharing them with you! If you'd like to see additional stories I am documenting, you can check out my Patreon for extra videos every month!

See you next time!

Happy weekend! I was lucky enough to spend my Friday evening crafting the hours away, which means I have a lot to share with you in the coming weeks! Today however we are diving into another traveler's notebook spread for my Montana TN!

This spread may make it into my top faves when the project is complete, but let me know what you think in the comments down below. We are taking a unique approach to this spread since I wanted to incorporate a tricky product. The elusive landscape background papers. These gorgeous papers can be hard to work with, you don't want to cover too much or have them competing with your photos. Learn how I make it work in the traveler's notebook process video below and when you keep reading this post!

To tackle the notoriously difficult landscape backgrounds, I knew I had to keep it simple. I wanted the paper to help tell my story, not compete with it. What better way than to let it mimic the very photo I paired with it! The rolling mountains in my photo are so reminiscent of the ones in the background paper - amazing! I paired it with one die cut and one sticker to build my own scene and to make sure I covered a majority of the seam. When fusing two 6x6 papers together to create a nice background it can be hard when they don't repeat. Ensure you cover the seam by using other embellishments, paper layers, or even a photo.

As you all might already know, I adore mixing, matching, and stacking embellishments to create a really cohesive look. This layout was no different! While the top page of the spread is calm, cool, and collected, the bottom has a lot going on. Between the die cuts, stickers, puffy stickers, washi tape, and puffy dots - there's enough detail here to keep a viewer's hungry eyes satisfied.

Overall, I am overjoyed with how this layout turned out. It was truly a breathtaking moment taking in the views at the start of my Montana hike. If you'd like to see more stunning views be sure to watch the Montana Vlog! I still can't believe these were the views right off the parking lot of this park. Montana may have my heart!

I hope you enjoyed my take on using those beautiful landscape backgrounds companies include in their collections! They certainly are very beautiful - which is why it reminded me of Montana so much. Let me know in the comments what you think of my spread and if you like the landscape-style background papers that are a trend in the industry.

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As always, thanks for stopping by! If you are looking for more traveler's notebook inspiration check out my playlist here!

Another beautiful day here in sunny Florida and yet I am still finding myself daydreaming of my Montana trip! I'm sharing another traveler's notebook spread process with you today, this time covering my very first instance of entering a Montana State Park! There was so much adventure ahead of me which made it the perfect little title for this spread. Let's dive into the process video and then dive into the details!

As I mention in the process video, this photo captures one of the biggest moments of anticipation of the whole trip. The entire idea of being the furthest west I had ever been and being there by myself was a lot, but looking back I think I took it in stride.

I think I did a great job capturing the feelings I had during Montana in my photos and videos. If you haven't seen my vlog of my hike at Lone Pine State Park you can watch it here! Documenting these memories onto this traveler's notebook started with pre-planning. I pre-planned this page and several others and I share how over on my Patreon. It helped expedite the process and capture my creative juices while I had them. My traveler's notebook kit also pairs so nicely with these photos that I just think it is a walk in the park to create a page that coordinates with my stories!

I knew I wanted my maximalist style to jump out on this page. With over 12 ephemera pieces on this page, I think it was a success! The Simple Stories Cabin Fever collection is the perfect color waves for warm and cool tone photos alike. Although an older collection, you can often find similar color schemes in similarly themed releases like camping, summer, and more.

If you have trouble making layers on your pages, start with one type of embellishment pack. Starting with a sticker book or a die-cut pack will help you have a solid basis to start. Afterall, all of the elements in the pack will already coordinate!

While there is a lot going on for this layout, between the Recollections patterned papers, Simple Stories ephemera pieces, Fancy Pants puffy dots, and Freckled Fawn enamel hearts and label stickers - this layout is chock full of fun!

I hope you enjoyed this trip down my memory lane and to the exciting moments of Montana!

Supply List: *Purchasing through some of these links is part of an affiliate program and I will receive a small portion of the sale at no additional cost to you.