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Closet Clean Out During a Quarter Life Crisis

Ah yes, July. What a lovely month to officially start my quarter-life crisis. Now that I am officially 25, it only seemed fitting to continue my reinvention of self. Read all about the reinvention of my blog and online outlets here! There's nothing better than the motivation as if you need to get your life together from turning 25.

But today, we are hopping into something I have been putting off for far too long. The...CLOSET! My closet is not well organized nor is it any semblance of being "put together", but I invited you along anyway. Come on the journey with me as I go through some clothing sections to rid myself of the excess clutter of the cloth variety!

Normal closet cleanouts can be stressful, but now that I am at a peak point in my life there is more pressure than ever to feel like I should know who I am. As you can tell from my video clips, I have a large variety of styles and colors in my closet. Sliding through the hangers I am able to quickly identify some of my favorite pieces and their similarities. Some of my current go-to clothing pieces currently include sage green, square necklines, or breezy fabrics. Even being able to tell what I love is a huge step in the right direction for me.

If you dare venture on a closet clean out yourself, here are s few tips:

  1. Get a fan - Why are closets so warm?? Lugging around hangers, drawers, or bags of clothes is a workout in itself. You'll want a slight breeze if you are stuck in a walk-in closet for sure.

  2. Take your time - I only featured a few sections of my closet in this video. Off-camera and a few days later I started sorting through the rest of my clothes like my drawers, my jacket closet, etc. It doesn't have to be done in one day! But if you let it linger, you may not be happy with your progress. Set a deadline if you need to so you can succeed!

  3. It is okay to hang on or let go - By going in with little to no expectations for myself, I was able to be true in my answers to simple questions like: When did I wear this last? When will I wear it again? Do I like the way this makes me feel when I wear it? Letting go of some items will be hard, but some clothing pieces you will find are much easier to part with. Do I need 6 pairs of Aeropostale leggings anymore? No, I do not. But do I want to keep the sweater I bought with my friend on that trip to the mall? Yes, because it has fond memories and I can keep a few sweaters in my Florida closet. Being realistic will help set the stage for yourself.

  4. Have an action plan - Before going into an overwhelming project like this one, you will need a course of action in place or in your head before starting. Knowing exactly what you are doing with the clothes after cleaning them out of your closet is important. Making the decisions for your closet may be the easy part for you, but following up on the action after may be your downfall. Take your bags or boxes of clothes and make an action plan. Are they now hand-me-down clothes for your siblings, cousins, nieces, or nephews? Are they heading straight to the thrift store? Whatever your plan is have it ready to go so you are not holding onto the weight of what you are parting with for too long.

There is a LOT of work that goes into not only cleaning out your closet but more importantly working in a quarter life crisis. While the variation in sizing for clothing will never cease to frustrate me, it means that my closet has a large range and that's okay. Whether it be ranging in style, size, color, or purpose it is uniquely mine.

I bet you enjoyed this fun look inside my closet. It is definitely a little bit lighter now that a garbage bag of clothing is off to my niece to look through. That's one sigh of relief amidst my 25th year. They are hard to come by! Thanks for joining me on my rambling journey to clean out my closet while stuck between the moments of time that encapsulate 25.



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