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Gift Guide for Plant Enthusiasts! // Ultimate Holiday Gift Ideas 2021

I know a lot of people with green thumbs and while I don't have that ability, I want to be able to give those people a meaningful gift this holiday season! I have compiled a list of different types of presents that will please any plant enthusiast in your life. These unique ideas will inspire you to surprise your plant-loving friends with the perfect gift! If you are a plant person yourself, you may even find items to add to your wishlist. Let's dive right in!

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I've curated several gift guides that you can use to plan all of your shopping for your friends and family! Be sure to sign up for my email newsletter at the bottom of this page to get other gift guides delivered right to your inbox.

Gifting to our green-thumbed friends can be tricky, especially if you are not well versed in the field yourself. While there are plenty of novelty items to gift someone, there are also practical gifts that you can pick up for your friends and family this holiday season!

Novelty gift ideas for plant lovers:

Whether it is a little bit of plant-based humor or just the beauty of plants, novelty gifts are always a fun way to acknowledge a plant parent's love for their plants!


Practical gift ideas for green thumbs and plant lovers:

If you are looking for something more practical for gift giving this holiday season, then this category is for you! Depending on what the plant lover in your life may need for their collection you could get them a gift card to their favorite local nursery or an online plant store. These other ideas are the tools, references, and more that will be helpful to anyone with a green thumb!

Small Shops to Check Out!:

Frond and Folia- Everything from plants ready to ship to adorable gift items like pins and tote bags for all plant lovers!

Mountainlily Farm- Gardening kits could be a great introductory gift for a newer green thumb!

Mosswerk - If you are looking for something super unique, look no further. These moss wall art pieces are so creative and beautiful!

Have a favorite local or online small shop? Shout them out in the comments down below!

This rounds out my 2021 holiday gift guide for plant lovers! Green thumbs can rest easy if they send this gift guide to their friends and family for the holiday season or their birthday! What type of gift guide would you like to see from me next?! Leave your suggestions in the comments down below. Happy shopping!



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