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Minimal Mixed Media Technique | 12x12 Harry Potter Themed Layout | Yer a Wizard Katelyn!

I have a love-hate relationship with mixed media. Minimal mixed media is my answer to having fun with techniques without fear of all of the mess! This technique is easy and might I say, foolproof due to its resettable nature.

I am scrapbooking a fond memory from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in today's layout! I was lucky enough to be chosen for the wand ceremony at Olivander's Wand Shop. And what a magical experience indeed! I wanted this page to emulate just that. I thought a little bit of mixed media could assist in my attempt to create a surreal page full of magic and mystery. Check out the process video here or watch it below to see it all unfold.

Whether this inspires you to dive head first into mixed media or just to make a magical layout, I hope you enjoyed! I think I will be back soon with some more ideas on how to use modeling paste and texture combs! Let me know if you think I should bring back the Minimal Mixed Media series in full force. If you want to catch up on past episodes, check them out here!

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