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Wow. - Traveler's Notebook Process | Montana TN - Summer of Stories

Thanks for joining Sara Scraps and me for another week of Summer of Stories! We all have stories to tell so why not share them to inspire?!

I am back with another fantastic capture of Montana views to document in my traveler's notebook. I probably snapped over 1000 photos and video clips on this trip. Don't forget to check out the travel diaries for Montana here and here to see what I am talking about! I love watching travel vlogs. If you do too, leave me some of your favorite travel vloggers to watch in the comments below.

It's hard to think of a great word when you are really amazed by something other than "wow". Which is how this spread got titled just that! This was the first outlook on my first hike in Montana and all I could think was wow! I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be there, how I was by myself, or even to have jumped at the opportunity to make the most of my time in the state. I wanted the photo to speak for itself. So, I kept the top page simple.

A simple title for such a complex feeling I was experiencing. I paired two horizontal strips - one a sticker and one a piece of washi tape - to create a shelf for my title. I debated putting the title directly on top of the open blue sky in the photo but thought that was a bit too much.

My maximalism jumped out for the bottom page. While I wanted the top page to be simplistic, I wanted to bring color and liveliness to the bottom page. I used the One Canoe Two Goldenrod collection to lead this cluster. I started with two large stickers and one cut-apart piece layered on top of a doily. This was the perfect base to start adding in little bits and bobs to fill in the gaps! Freckled Fawn washi, enamel hearts, and labels helped add some texture, while a few more One Canoe Two stickers helped fill in any awkward gaps.

Overall, I am excited to write my story of this feeling in the open space on the bottom left page. The blues and greens from the photo pair nicely with the additional shades brought in by the embellishments. I hope you enjoyed this traveler's notebook spread and my summer story. Be sure to check out Sara's video as well!

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