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Hand Stitching Your Own Handwriting Tutorial

Hello crafty people! Welcome back! Today I have a tutorial that I have been teasing on my Instagram and with a previous layout that I made. I am showing you how you can stitch in any style font, any shape, or any pattern and how to do it! The video tutorial below shows a real-time example, but I'll add some more written details down below.

This is a super-easy way to make very unique pages. Below is the video tutorial where I show you how to make simple shapes, but the same technique applies to lettering. You'll need a scrap piece of paper (printer paper), a pen, washi tape, your stitching supplies (needle & embroidery floss), and a paper piercer set. Let's dive into this tutorial!

Once you sketch out your design or word, simply tape the piece of paper into place like in the photo below. Take your paper piercer and evenly punch holes following your lines. Once you are done, remove the scrap paper and start stitching!

It is a relatively easy way to make a great background or title piece (like my example in the video). If you have any questions about this technique please let me know! This could also be used by utilizing printouts from the internet too. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed it!


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