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June 2021 Favorites + Empties! // Crafting, Projects, and Entertainment

Ahh, happy July! The summer months are rolling through and the summer storms too. I am excited to be sharing with you my June 2021 favorites and empties. I have missed doing these videos and I am glad to be back and sharing things I've been loving! Be sure to share something you've been loving in the comments section for everyone else to check out too.

Watch the video below to see my passion behind the items on this list and then check out the details below on how to check them out!

After a lot of empties this month I think I deserve to bring in some more items! Hint, hint, there's a haul video coming very soon! Thanks for tuning in. You can check out all of the items I mentioned in my favorites down below! If you have any questions or favorites you'd like to share, leave me a comment.

Purchasing through some of these links is part of an affiliate program and I will receive a small portion of the sale at no additional cost to you.



Montana Traveler's Notebook Videos - Follow along with me as I share numerous traveler's notebook process videos for my Montana album!

Montana Vlogs - Relive the moments of Montana with me through these short, but calming vlogs of adventure.

One Canoe Two's Goldenrod Collection - This collection won my heart over with the beautiful yet soft colors and gorgeous elements! Since it is an older collection it is much harder to find nowadays.

Grid Washi Tape - A set of grid washi tapes is now my number one recommendation! I adore how such a simple pattern can add so much to a page. For more examples on how to use it, come over to my Patreon where I am posting exclusive process videos using it!


Baylee Jae - A Canadian YouTuber and Artist who shares her day-to-day and behind-the-scenes of preparing art for her online store!

In the Heights Trailer - The first 8 minutes of the movie were released for your viewing pleasure! You can see this film in theaters now or through HBO Max Premium Subscription. Nothing beats seeing this one on the big screen though!

Bridgerton The Musical - If you did not get swept up with the rest of the world into watching Bridgerton - the musical will have spoilers! If you have watched season 1 you will love the musical storytelling of the same story so far.

Volcano Bay - My trip to Volcano Bay was nothing short of magnificent! It may have been a washed-out afternoon, but the tropical vibes and thrilling rides made up for it. You can find more photos of it over on my Instagram in my Adventure highlights.



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