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Traveler's Notebook Layout Share + Kill a Kit! // HTKAKWS June 2021

We are closing out June by sharing what is left of my homemade scrapbook kit and what I made with it! 20 traveler's notebook pages later and we have a completed album! I am ecstatic to have made so much progress in my Montana traveler's notebook that I was able to complete it!

To see all of the projects I created, all of the empty items from my kit, and what remains from my kit, check out my full YouTube video!

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my return to scrapbooking. After months of not creating from purging, moving, to living life - coming back to crafting in any capacity was a daunting task for me. I'm sure many of us experience similar fears. What if I wasn't good at it anymore? What if I didn't enjoy it? Where do I even start? I let these questions fester for a while until I figured out that I wouldn't know how I felt about the hobby until I tried it again. So, I simply sat down with a project I was once excited about and let my creativity take me.

It's not to say it was easy. Getting over the mental hurdles and fears was one of my biggest steps. I had already created a new space, already had projects waiting for me, but I just couldn't take that step to start. Once I forced myself to sit down and try - it wasn't as scary or as bad as I had imagined. In fact, the first traveler's notebook layout I made in June is one of my absolute favorites!

While we all have different paths, remember to go onward - when you are ready or even when you are not.

I hope you enjoyed seeing so much of Montana with me this month through my Montana Vlogs and my Montana traveler's notebook spreads! If you enjoyed these and want to see more, I have more process videos of these spreads going up on Patreon in July.

Thanks for the warm welcome back and I can't wait to keep creating with you all and the HTKAKWS participants! As always, thank you for stopping by and reading!



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