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Why I Live in Rompers During Summer

Rompers, also known as playsuits in other countries, have somehow started to take over my closet. I say that jokingly because I only own 5, but they are the front-runner time and time again when I pick out what to wear. I swear all of my cute summer photos will be in these outfits. So what is it about these that make me love them so much? Here are some of the reasons they are my #1 this summer and beyond.

1. They are breathable.

This is dependent on what type of romper you typically go for. I'm a strong believer in picking cotton garments when possible. Avoiding fabrics with plastics in them is difficult though, so you'll often find rompers made of polyester blends. Whatever type of fabric you choose, you want to make sure there aren't too many layers to keep that breathability we are looking for on a hot July day.

You can shop this romper from Old Navy here!

2. They make you seem put together!

Instead of having to pair a set of bottoms with a top, a romper decides that for me! It's a great way to start experimenting with accessorizing with hats, jewelry, belts, and bags! Rompers also can transition easily from day to nightwear with a simple addition of a jacket and heels or swapping that backpack for a clutch.

3. One word, pockets

If pockets aren't on the top of your list for must haves in your wardrobe, then hopefully this will change your mind! Now that a lot of us are closely carrying extra masks, hand sanitizer, and other items we need extra storage space. I prefer not to have to take off my backpack every time I want to look at my phone or take a photo with my camera. I find a majority of the rompers I purchase have spacious pockets. Sizing up in rompers is another great tip to get a loose, flowy feel.

4. They are easy! No tucking, pulling up shorts, worrying about wind, etc.

Althought they get a bad rap for being difficult to get out of, rompers can be easy if you buy the right types! My rompers all feature elastic style waistbands, tie or button closures, and no zippers. Unlike dresses, you are fully covered! A gust of wind won't ruin your day and you don't have to wear any special undergarments just in case. This makes them the perfect adventure outfit. Not a worry to be had when you've got breathability, ease of mind, and pockets!

I rest my case. Rompers aren't for everyone, but I adore them and expect to add a few that I've been eyeing to my wardrobe sometime soon. Check out my romper wishlist below and let me know if you enjoy wearing them too! Thanks for stopping by!

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