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The 5 Best Scrapbooking Hashtags to Follow on Instagram! // Easily Increase Your Creative Mojo!

Instagram is one of the newest places to get crafty inspiration. Although it has been around for a few years, more and more inspiration is hitting the platform every day. But to be honest it can be overwhelming to find the content you really want. Some people post all sorts of photos, not just crafty ones, and some people posts all sorts of projects that you might not be interested in. I've compiled a list of some of the best hashtags to follow on Instagram to help you find the content that inspires you!


1. Your Favorite Company!

This one might be a no-brainer to some people, but if you're looking for ways to use your hoards of Freckled Fawn embellishments, try following #FreckledFawn for more inspiration! This works with a lot of companies, but be careful, some companies have simpler names like Photo Play may lead to getting non-scrapbooking content in your feeds since #PhotoPlay can be used by photographers and other types of artists. Instead, look at a company's feed and see what special hashtags that might use to track their projects. For instance, Photo Play actually uses #PhotoPlayPaper instead so that people can find them more easily. Search your favorite company as a hashtag to get endless inspiration from them and fellow lovers of their products!

2. A Type of Product You Struggle Using

Do you happen to be a collector of Die Cuts and Ephemera or are you a lover of digital cut files, but can't find the time to use them? There are several product based hashtags that are chock full of inspiration for those specific items!


3. Something You Want To Try

Is there a technique you've been wanting to practice? From the growing popularity of hand lettering to the infamous interactive card making experience that Jennifer McGuire makes us all want to be able to do, there's always something new to try! I've made a list below of some examples to get you started! Let your imagination run wild with ideas for you to try and search the hashtag panel of Instagram for them!


If you love to have a sketch to work from, this hashtag was made for you! It gathers all of the sketches across Instagram and puts them all in one place. A great gathering of the perfect starting point for all of your pages. You may even find some new accounts you want to follow!

5. Follow Your Size

12x12, 6x8, pocket page...whatever size scrapbooking project you're working on, you can probably find it in a hashtag. Some are more popular than others and some have different variations as seen below. I find this is good just to get some new creators in my feed.


Do YOU follow any cool scrapbooking hashtags that you want to share? Comment down below! I hope these gave you some new inspiration for your Instagram feeds! Thanks for stopping by!



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